Friday, December 21, 2007

Ho Ho moe.

Wait. I just looked at the title above and realized it sounds like homo. NOT what I was intending. Screw it. It stays. I'm referring to the band moe. A great group of jammers from the ol' hometown of Buffalo. I haven't listened to their holiday album, Season's Greetings, this year yet, so I decided to put it in on the way to work. First let me start by explaining that I have an affinity for rocking Christmas tunes. I love it when rock bands either re-interpret old songs, or make their own. And there's a ton out there. If you want a real musical feast, check out the hard to find Lump of Coal Compilation to see what I mean. But I digress. I love the rockin tunes and on my way in to work, I was really a tad touched by the lyrics of "Together at Christmas". Yes, it's a lovely little love song in the spirit of "I'll Be Home for Christmas", but so much better.

The lyrics are a big part of that. Why? Well, moe. is from Buffalo, and I'm heading to Buffalo in a 4-wheel drive! So it all makes sense. Here's a few lyrics

You can feel that storm comin' in from Ontario
It was Christmas Eve and the world was mine in Buffalo
Got off work early to make that pilgrimage back home
Huge snowflakes were floatin' down and the sky was gray and gold
We were together at Christmas (ooohhhh ooohhhh)

All alone in a 4-wheel drive

That's just a little taste. Anyway, the song made me nostalgic for the upcoming drive when I roll through little towns in Pennsylvania and see the houses decorated with lights and big, blow up Winnie the Poohs and Frostys. And then after driving for a while, I'll make the inevitable stop at Sheetz for a bite to eat. Because damn, they make a good sandwich and their selection of chips is top notch. Then at some point when I get far enough north, the snow will likely kick in and make the drive a little more tense. But that's OK. I have cab driver beads on my seat. They help.

The mind just drifted. Back on track--1) Buy Season's Greetings by moe. 2) Have a great Christmas, or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate. 3) Be safe out there, especially on the road. Just because you have a 4-wheel drive does not mean that you're immune to slippery ice and bad roads. 4) Have a Happy New Year!!!!!

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