Thursday, December 20, 2007

Open the Holiday Feedbag--Part 4

I'm trying to catch up on the feedbag, so here's another installment.

Friday, December 14 saw my division Hallway Holiday Party. It may or may not have been held at a very large DoD building that is known as the world's largest office building (or at least it was).

Anyway, this event was pot luck. Each subdivision was charged with bringing a dish (salads, sides, dessert, etc.), and the major division took care of the main course. I made a nice tortellini salad with some tomatoes and black olives and dressing. Good stuff. And easy.

The spread
--chicken wings
--roast beef
--shrimp cocktail rings
--more types of salad and sides than you could shake a stick at
--various desserts. I was very pleased that there was carrot and red velvet cake. Two of my favorites.
--surprisingly there was wine and beer too. Most people had one or two beers tops. I didn't see anyone crack the wine.

The experience is what you would expect for a workplace like this: You get your mix of military, civilian, and contractors (most not knowing one another) all sitting around making small talk. And of course the whole event starts with some words from the Brigadier General, which actually was nice because the guy is funny. A highlight was music provided by the US Air Force Brass Quintet. Dag! Those guys can play!

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