Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buxom Blonde Beauty Boffo for Buffalo?

So I was looking at a photo slide story on Yahoo about actresses caught on film without their makeup (Oh. Don't pretend like you didn't read it.), and one of them was of the lovely Katherine Heigl. I did a double take because in the picture she is wearing a Buffalo, New York, hat. Way to go Katherine. Givin' the Ruff Buff some propers, eh? Of course now I'm curious what connection, if any, she has. Oh well. One more thing to ponder on this snowy day. . .

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DaveR said...

A quick google for "Katherine Heigl Buffalo" led me to this page, which has some Sept. 2007 discussion of (and props for) the Buffalo hat, but no real answers.

The winner is found on this page, which reveals that Katherine's grandmother is from Buffalo (but no other juicy details, like exactly what part of town).