Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A False Start

Mea culpa. I'm back after a false start. In April. Yeah, 7 months might seem like a long time to go without doing something here, but in the grand scheme it's not that bad. Especially if you're a master procrastinator like me. Much has probably happened since April, but since that time has gone and went, nobody cares much. I have become another year older in the past few days, so I'm getting closer to becoming a full fledged curmudgeon!

And speaking of getting another year older, I spent my birthday in a way that is quickly becoming a custom--at a concert with a bunch of friends! And nothing makes me happier. This year we went to the 9:30 club for the New Pornographers. What a freakin' show! I caught the New Ps twice earlier this year, and while good, the shows weren't great. Neko Case wasn't with them because she was on her solo tour and Kathryn Calder was sick and unable to do much singing at both shows we saw. Oh well. This time around more than made up for it. They played a lot off the new album ("Challengers") and threw in a lot of older tunes as well. The disaffected hipsters were as stoic as usual, but that didn't stop us from dancing. Because after all, if you can't dance to the New Ps, then you might as well be dead. Seriously. They'll infect you with a groove and some mojo quicker than you can scream, "I love you, Neko!" But I digress. Overall impression -- great show. So there you have it.

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