Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is Atlanta Radio Q100 Playing Games?

There's a radio station down in Atlanta called Q100. I don't know anything about it because I don't live in Atlanta, though I did see a couple of shows down there that I really enjoyed. Anyway, the station had a contest where people submitted videos of themselves singing New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) videos. The videos were voted on, with the winner ultimately winning a trip to Las Vegas to see NKOTB. My friend's friend, who lives in Atlanta, told my friend Dave about the contest knowing that Dave had made a video of a NKOTB song--"You Got It (The Right Stuff)". Dave told us about the contest and drummed up some support. Easy cheesy, right?? (I learned that from "My Name is Earl").

So was it easy? Apparently not. The finals were down to five contestants. People went on the Q100 and voted on their favorite video. The contest ended with a winner to be announced on October 6th. On Oct 9 I asked my friend Dave if he heard anything about the contest and he told me that another group, #5, had won the contest. I thought that was odd. Dave was able to link back to the poll survey results and showed me why he was dismayed. His video had won by a long shot--42% vs. 14%--against video #5, who won.

So what's the deal Q100? Why did video #5 win when clearly #4, Dave and my friends, won (purely based on votes)? I'm calling bullshit for now, unless there were more voting factors that you failed to make clear. Fair is fair and you should at least explain how the other people won. So how 'bout it? What's the dilly?

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DaveR said...

We got this reply from the radio station- still seems fishy:

All of our contests are designed to be fun and exciting for our listeners. Unfortunately, with any contest, we end up disappointing those that do not win.

With all of our web contests, winners are chosen with consideration to many factors. Those factors includes votes from our website, opinions of our listeners and reviews from the members of our programming and promotions departments. We have developed this criteria based on past experience with web contests. This is done in an effort to avoid winners who are chosen by mass emailing of their friends or by posting on message boards. That said, we can assure you that the contest rules were followed explicitly.

We hope to see you participate in future Q100 contests. If you would like to send us your address, we can send some Q100 promotional items and movie passes for you and your teammates.