Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back and Forth We Go

People say that they wish I'd keep up more with this blog, a.k.a., "the fun blog," as opposed to "the serious blog." Wellllll, I try, but it's not easy. I have to keep up on my other blog on a regular basis because it was actually created for classes that I'm taking in grad school. Welcome to the digital age where your homework is now completed on a blog! Anyway, it's tough to flip and flop between the two, and it's especially hard when you still have no Internet at home because Comcast is a shitty company! I guess I could maintain one blog, but where's the fun in that! So if you're looking for a fix and you can't find it here, feel free to visit the "serious blog." It's really not too serious. Plus, my professor said, I'm "the first person in [his] class to categorize a blog entry as 'F******." So that's pretty cool.

And here's some amusement for the day. Take this online caffeine test to see if you have a problem. This morning I clicked 192 times in 30 seconds, which means I'm "A vibrating crackhead." This afternoon I tried again and got 200, which means I'm "Near Death--Delusions of Godlike Power." Flattery. It means everything.

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
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DaveR said...

Stupid work firewall won't let me take the stupid caffeine click test! Now what am I supposed to do for the remaining 2 hours I'm at work??

On another note, thanks for finally updating this blog! You should do an entry about this, seeing as how it's a subject near and dear to your... heart.

NChoy said...

Dude... I got 89. How in the name of Regis Philbin did you get 200?

I'll blame my weak sauce score on my roommate's Gen-I Dell mouse...